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February 4-7, 2021Cursillo #257 *Lakeside/Team
August 5-8, 2021Cursillo #258 *Lakeside

Question: What do you give someone who has everything?

Answer: A Cursillo © or InStep Weekend!
#6 Lake Left

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May 2, 2020:   Virtual Ultreya planned for May 23rd!  Stay tuned for details! 


Michael Smith


August 27, 2017 Cursilo #252:

Dear friends in Christ:

Cursillo #252 is continuing with the program in the Lakeside Meeting Center (LMC) at Camp Allen. Roads into Camp Allen and the roads to the LMC are essentially impassable, if not closed due to high water. We're keeping in touch with Camp Allen management, and there are staff on-site who have brought us food and supplies. We are safe and not in any danger, but will be sheltering-in-place Christians in Community for awhile. As this is a constantly evolving situation we will keep you up-to-date as the situation changes.

(We are CERTAIN this will be the BEST CURSILLO EVER - if not the longest one...).
...and we're reminded that God called us together for this weekend, and is with us.

Let us unite in prayer for those in distress and need.

December 7, 2016:

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The goal of Cursillo is to bring the world to Christ by empowering adult Christian leaders through the use of a specific method, which equips and encourages Christians to live out their Baptismal Covenant to serve Christ.
Clergy Hail Laity’s Role in Church at Annual Cursillo Conference

Episcopal Cursillo Ministry held its annual conference October 21-22, hosted by the Diocese of Long Island and welcoming more than 130 representatives from dioceses throughout the U.S. plus Barbados and the Bahamas.
“When I look to see where the spirit is moving and Episcopalians are lit up with the love of Christ and each other, I know to look to Cursillo,” said Presiding Bishop Michael Curry in a written statement. “This ministry is such a gift to the Episcopal Church, and never more than in this moment as we seek to follow our Lord’s call into the Jesus Movement.”

July 16, 2016:
Cursillo #250: The Cursillo of Perseverance, Aug. 11-14, 2016
Seeking pilgrims for the next Best Cursillo Ever! It takes place in the beautiful setting of the Lakeside Meeting Center & Cabins at Camp Allen. Please help the team to recruit pilgrims and your prayers for the team and prospective pilgrims will be greatly appreciated. DeColores!

April 22, 2015
What is In Step?
It’s a side-door to Cursillo.  And our first one will be June 12-14; Friday evening, until Sunday late afternoon.
At many churches, the side-door is closer to the parking lot - it’s easier to get to.  And this is what we hope In Step will be - an easier way into missional rhythm of life, and a shorter path into a Reunion Group.
In Step is not Cursillo; but by design, an extra step for those who don’t think they have the time, money, or attention span to go through a Thursday-Sunday experience.  In Step is also devoid of the usual rainbow elements, tie died clothing, roosters, etc.  Most of those things were not part of Cursillo when Eduardo Bonin visioned it 70-years ago, and they give this ministry a dated feel for some today. 
We believe in the Cursillo message, and the traditional Thursday-Sunday weekend lives on in the Diocese of Texas.  All we’re trying to do is make the leap of faith decision easier.  Once they understand Piety, Study, Action, and they’re in a Reunion Group, we believe they will want the rest of the story at a Cursillo Weekend.  
And best of all — every Episcopalian can go to In Step, even Cursillistas!  Also, it would be pretty easy to have an In Step Weekend inside your church!
For more information on In Step, and future Cursillo Weekends, click this link:

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